Flux Measuring Device (FMD)

The SGM FMD is a safety device mounted on the electro permanent magnet and connected to its control panel giving indication to the magnet operator on whether or not  the contact   condition between magnet and load  for every lift is  good enough to guarantee a safe lift.

Indeed, the presence of air between the pole shoes of a  magnet and a    load to be lifted negatively  influences  the lifting capacity of the magnet.  The greater the airgap (poor contact between magnet and load), the more the magnet force disperses in the air and the less the remaining force  available for lifting the load.

In case of a negative reading by the FMD,  the lift is disabled leaving the operator  the possibility of repositioning the magnet on the load  to find an appropriate  contact.

SGM disposes of many years of consolidated  references in the supply of the electro-permanent magnets for remote slit coils lines.

Convection Electro Permanent Magnet (EPCLM)  for high temperature materials

The SGM proprietary design of the electro-permanent magnet model  EPCLM makes them suitable to operate on hot loads such as slabs and billets up to 450°C (840°F) with an extended duty cycle.  

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