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SGM Magnetics started in 1954 with the design and production  of lifting magnets for industrial applications extending gradually its solutions to the complete range of lifting applications present in steel mills, steel service centers, steel storage centers, ports, shipyards,…  as well as  many special  applications such as loading and unloading slabs from vessels, handling  extremely  long rails (400m / 1.300’) for high speed trains, handling  pipes on   offshore oil drilling platforms,...

The numerous and prestigious  customer  references that SGM has built over the years on every continent  have made of SGM a world leader  in lifting magnets based on its experience and technological expertise in designing and building solutions that can optimize Safety and Productivity in ferrous material handling operations.

As a technology world leader, SGM disposes of numerous proprietary solutions and is the pioneer and leader  in offering  the technology of  both electro lifting magnets and electro permanent lifting magnets, the latter only requiring a current impulse of few second to be energized and  de-energized.

Our products

Complete magnet system solutions for the steel industry


Electro Magnets and Electro Permanent Magnets represent two different technologies for lifting magnets each presenting its own benefits and limits. SGM disposes of both technologies and is a world market leader in both of them, thus putting SGM in the best position of recommending customers for the most suited lifting magnet technology based on the application and its specifications.

Control panels

All the SGM lifting magnets control panels are fully designed by SGM using the most advanced electronic technology and meeting the latest regulations and norms.

Spreader beams

Based on over 60 years of operation and a position as world leader of lifting magnets, SGM has the experience and references of a wide range of magnet spreader beam solutions. Spreader beams are designed based on the application (steel mill, port, service center,…) and customers’ crane situations which, in case of overhead or Gantry cranes can be single hoist , one trolley with two hoists, two hoists on two independent trolleys.

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