All SGM lifting magnet control panels are based on  the latest electronic technology and are fully designed by SGM.

Control panels  can either be standard or customised for a specific application or as per customers’ requirements.

Possibility of meeting customers’ preferences for brands of electronic components.

PLC and AC/DC drives are all designed for industrial use.

SGM disposes of extensive experience in designing interfaces between magnet control panels and customers’ systems that go from manually operated cranes  to complex fully remote operated handling  systems.

All SGM control  panels  are designed  and provided with documentation according to the latest  regulations and  norms.


  • Possibility of pre-setting for radio control or PLC operation.
  • Possibility of pre-selecting one or more magnets with respect to the complete set being part of the magnetic system.
  • Possibility of carrying out the extension or rotation of the magnet spreader beam and/or of its safety arms.
  • Possibility of monitoring  and controlling the temperature of the electro-magnet winding to prevent overheating.
  • Possibility of fitting the control panel cabinet with an anti-condensation heating resistance as well as ventilation.
  • For electro-magnets, possibility of operating battery back-up  systems with continuous monitoring of their proper functioning and, in case of problems, to  warn operators and prevent operation. In case of problems, possibility of operating an emergency braking command in order to bring the  load down to ground .
  • For electro-magnets, possibility of having double power feeding cables with continuous monitoring of proper status.
  • Possibility of  speeding-up (boosting) electro-magnet energizing and de-energizing processes (up to 50% gain time on large magnets) by increasing voltage during energizing and de-energizing.
  • For electro-magnets, possibility of lifting loads with partial force and automatically switching to full force for transportation.
  • In case of the multiple plate handling application and based on plate specifications (mainly thickness),  possibility of selecting a limited quantity of plates to be picked-up and to release (feathering) a set quantity of plates at a time.
  • In case of the multiple bundle handling application and based on bundle specifications, possibility of releasing one bundle at a time.

Special Options

  • Possibility of reducing residual magnetism in the load
    For situations where the steel and/or application is sensitive to residual magnetism left in the load by the use of  lifting electro-magnets (typical example: special alloy structurals,…) .
    During the de-energizing of the magnet(s), the SGM  control panel  generates an alternate current pulse of decreasing amplitude for a few seconds with the consequent significant reduction of residual magnetism present in the load. 
    The de-energizing  curves can be  parameterized by the customer from a touchscreen display panel in order to optimize the result on each of the different loads.
  • Possibility of operating electro-magnet at pre-set level(s)  of  current instead of rated voltage
    For situations requiring the magnet force to be accurate and constant.
    The SGM control panel provides the magnet with  a pre-set level of current leaving the voltage to adjust itself according to the electrical resistance of the magnet winding. 


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