Spacer Electro Magnet (CELM)  for high temperature  materials

The high temperature of the material being handled is typically the main cause for lifting magnet down times and premature aging.
The SGM CELM lifting magnet is specifically designed for high temperature material  applications such as  slabs, blooms, billets coming directly off casters.

The proprietary design of the CELM results in no contact between the magnet ferrous core subject to direct heat transmission from  the hot load and the magnet winding.

The benefit of the SGM CELM magnet design  is a radical extension of the duty cycle (and life time) of the magnet.

The proprietary SGM CELM constitutes a revolutionary technological innovation related to lifting magnets.

Lifting magnets with no  magnetic side attraction dispersion

Special SGM proprietary magnet design resulting in  a drastic reduction of magnet casing side attraction.

These SGM magnets are specifically  suited for steel service centers where magnets can enter racks with no disturbing side attraction to steel columns or to other bundles/packs next to the one being handled. These magnets are also specifically recommended for  remote operations in large storage facilities.

Octagonal Mega scrap magnets with double magnetic circuit

The SGM proprietary Mega scrap magnet is designed with a central opening and double magnetic circuit which results in the  magnet lifting more scrap in a more compact way with respect to traditional round scrap magnets.

One SGM mega scrap magnet is typically used in as an alternative to a pair of round scrap magnets.

The SGM Mega scrap magnet is specially suitable for feeding the Consteel belt with scrap and  for scrap rail car loading/unloading operations.

Safety device (CDMD) for magnets lifting dynamic loads

Some Loads such as multiple plates,  eye horizontal coils or bundles of structurals  do not always behave as  compact loads but may flex or open up a bit (structurals  in a bundle)  when lifted up by a magnet.  This results into possible significant dynamic forces in addition to the weight of the load itself.

The SGM proprietary  CDMD  safety device mounted directly on the magnet reads possible flexing and opening up situations and makes sure they are not excessive for the safe handling of the  load by magnets.

Magnet windings  made of  anodized aluminum strip

Anodized aluminum strip consists in a standard aluminum strip the surface of which is chemically oxidized so as to achieve an insulating coating bounded to the metal.

By using anodized aluminum strip there is no longer need for  the typical electrical insulator tape between the turns of the aluminum spools. This results in creating more space for additional aluminum turns (stronger magnet) and, above all, in providing the  magnet with a much higher heat dissipation capacity which is beneficial for magnet performance and life time.

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